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Learn SEM & PPC Course in Delhi at Adzentrix

PPC is one of the leading online advertising platforms that every online business must use. It is not only prominent for small businesses but also well-developed businesses for more growth. It is also one of the significant and complete success formula for a digital marketing campaign. If you are still unaware of the term PPC then you are missing something big. Well, not to fret until we are here to assist you.

PPC refers to Pay Per Click where the advertiser has to pay for every click on their ad. In simple words, it’s a technique to invite customers to your website by paying some amount. Search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc. are the most popular forms of PPC. Advertisers pay for a keyword related to their business that is shown on the top of the search engine. You pay only a small amount for PPC but the profit that you get is worth more than what you pay for it. This way, the businesses make a hefty profit. Now, the question comes how to do PPC and where to learn PPC in Delhi? Can anyone learn PPC and how much time does it require? Well, here comes Adzentrix Institute to cover all your questions at one platform.

Career Opportunities in PPC Marketing

Digital marketing is the fastest growing industry in today’s time. As more and more business is coming online they are using PPC to drive more customers. This has increased the demand for PPC professionals and hence you can choose any of the careers from the following:

  • PPC Executive
  • PPC Analyst
  • PPC Account Manager
  • Google AdWords Manager

Now, the question comes how to do PPC and where to learn PPC in Delhi? Can anyone learn PPC and how much time does it require? Well, here comes Adzentrix Institute to cover all your questions at one platform.

Our PPC Course Training Modules

Search Network Ads

Learn how you can advertise on the Search Network of different search engines with various search ads. These search ads are generally shown on top & bottom of search engines under the heading sponsored links or ad. Google shows search network ads on its partner sites as well.

Display Network Ads

Learn How you can display your or client ads to more than 90% of Internet users worldwide. Display ads can be in the form of text, image and video ads. Google has a huge display network i.e. a collection of the website which also includes Google’s own products like Gmail, Blogger, Youtube, mobile sites and Apps.

Product Listing or Shopping Ads

You will learn how to create a merchant center account to list all products to create a perfect shopping ad campaign in Google Ads & Facebook. Shopping ads are also known as Product Listing Ads. Become a Shopping ad expert and know how you can add information in the product data feed.

Video Network Ads

Learn how to generate more views for youtube and video ads. Our customized youtube ads training module includes all 3 types i.e. Trueview or standard (In-stream & Discovery ads), Preroll (Non-Skippable ads) and finally Bumper ads (short ads of 6 seconds). Along with video re-marketing.

Remarketing / Retargeting

Learn how to target or show ads to those who have previously visited your website, interacted with your app or mobile website. Remarketing helps to promote products or services. It keeps reminding those audiences to make a purchase. Strategically position your ads as they browse partner sites.

Adwords Express

Learn how you can optimize Adwords Express for targeting local customers; currently known as Google Ads Express. Here you can create a call-to-action text ad selecting set of highly business-oriented keywords. It helps in driving website visits, an increasing number of business calls & shop visits.

Adwords Editor

Make bulk actions in account or campaign using Google Ads Editor (previously known as Adwords Editor). Learn how to manage multiple campaigns with ease. We will make you more productive and efficient in campaign optimization so that you can save your and client’s time.

Bings Ads

Learn Bing Ads with Adzentrix, Bing Ads is an advertising network of Microsoft with a search audience of 376 million a month. We will teach you how you can make powerful campaigns for overseas clients. Optimization concepts of Bing Ads are the same however interface is different from Google Ads.

Dynamic Search Ads

Using Dynamic Search Ads you can target customers and enable them to search precisely what you offer. DSA uses your website content to target ads and fill the content gaps as per the keywords in your campaigns. Dynamic Search Ads are relevant as it generates content from website & saves time.

Know the Best PPC Concept with us

Why Join Adzentrix for PPC Training?

We have proficient trainers to teach our students with the complete idea of PPC. Here, you will work on live projects to enhance your skills and also you will be certified for Google Ads. We are devoted to digital marketing education and therefore, Adzentrix is the best option for you to learn PPC & SEM course. Our trainers keep themselves updated with the latest PPC strategies through which you learn the best ways to show of your ads over the search engines with different methods. Here, you will learn the skills to run your PPC campaigns with the right use of keywords. In Delhi, we are one of the best PPC Training Institute that offers trainee a complete advance PPC course in a short duration and pocket-friendly fee. Choose your class timings and get ready to make your future bright!

Feel Free To Reach Us

If you are interested to do a PPC course then don’t delay further and reach us soon. Clear your doubts regarding course duration, class timings, course contents, fees, etc. We are approachable via call as well as on email. You are free to reach us at any time through any means.

More About PPC & SEM Training Course

We understand today strategy of advertising online and we offer the complete PPC Training Institute Rohini, Delhi for job seekers, business owners, college students and anyone who has the interest to learn it. With this, you can increase your sales thrice or four times at a low price. If you are interested to learn PPC then you can get in touch with us and know all the course details. Here, we have highly qualified trainers that will cover all the aspects of Pay Per Click Marketing. Our leaders of PPC Management and Search Engine Marketing are experienced in handling multiple accounts that are aware of how to use the right keywords for your business. The course will take a few days to have expertise on it and also our fees are affordable by anyone.

At Adzentrix, we teach advance PPC course and you get an opportunity to work on live projects without paying extra cost. It helps our students to fathom the implementation techniques of PPC campaign management. We are one of the best and most experienced in Paid Marketing Training Programs.