Ultimate Guide for handling Top HTML Tags

html tags cheat sheet by adzentrix digital marketing insitute

HTML stands for ‘HyperText Markup Language’ and is used to create web pages that are designed to be displayed on web browsers. Technically HTML is a programming language

HTML Tags are like hidden keywords that are used to define how text or images will be displayed on web pages. HTML tags are defined by angle brackets ‘< >’ and consist of 3 parts: an Opening tag, Tag name & closing tag'</>’. Most tags have opening and closing tags except a few like <br>. Now the closing tag is the same as the opening tag with a forward slash prefixed to the tag name. The browser does not display the HTML tag but it formats the content on the website for end-users.

It is important to understand HTML codes, proper usage will enable you to create an awesome user experience. However, you need not be a top coder to learn HTML.

Though there are nearly 100 HTML tags, you may need just 20 common tags which you will be using very often. I am listing all 20 important tags below:

Basic HTML Tags:

  • <html> …</html>  –  Root element. Signifies web page is written in HTML
  • <head>…</head>   –   Defines the page’s head
  • <title>…</title>       –  Defines title of a web page    
  • <body>…</body>   –  Delimits the page’s body
  • <h1>…</h1>            – Defines header 1 of web page. Heading tags are upto <h6>
  • <meta>                    –  Define metadata of a HTML document
  • <p>…</p>                – Defines a paragraph
  • <br>                          –  Inserts a single line break       
  • <img src=”…”>        – Display or add image on a web page
  • <a href=”…”>…</a> – Defines an anchor or hyperlink
  • <!–…–>                    – Defines a comment  
  • <div>…</div>         – defines a division or a section in an HTML document

Formatting HTML Tags:

  • <b>…</b>                   –  Defines the bold text
  • <i>…</i>                        –  Set the text in italics 
  • <strong>…</strong>   –  Defines important text
  • <center>…</center>   –  Center the text on the page horizontally
  •  <ul>…</ul>                 –  Brackets an unordered / bulleted list
  • <ol>…</ol>                  –  Brackets an ordered / numbered list
  • <li>…</li>                    –  Defines a list item (in ordered or numbered list)
  • <button>…</button> –  Represents a clickable button, used to submit forms

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