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The necessity to connect with consumers in an optimal personalised way has further increased in the past five years. While sticking to the budget, today’s digital marketers are required to do more with less. Fortunately, now they have the ease of email marketing for staying in touch with their consumers and prospectors.

What is Email Marketing?

Basically it is a way of promoting businesses; their services and products via emails. Considered as a top digital channel, it is a highly effective strategy to convert potential prospects into regular customers. Furthermore, it spreads awareness, builds loyalty / trust and develops a sustainable relationship between a customer and a company. These emails generally include advertisements, sales, purchase, referral programme, donations and newsletters.

Email Marketing

Benefits of Email Marketing

Apart from being a top-notch source of digital promotion, here are some other benefits of email marketing:

Global Reach

With over five billions active users, it would be ignorance to deny that the email promotion is one of the most effective ways to connect with the masses considering the user base social platforms that have been tremendously enlarged. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, one may have to have an email address in order to make an account on any social media channel.

Higher ROI

People just do not opt for email marketing courses to pass the time. It shows an unrivalled high return on investment (ROI) and maybe this is why many businesses have included it in their marketing strategy. Moreover, Rs 1 spent on every mail marketing can help you to get an average return on investment of Rs 40 which means your expenditures can have forty times return on every investment.

No Restrictions on Amount of Content

Unlike Twitter or a number of social media platforms, there are no limitations on the count of content that you write on. However, keeping a message short and creative is the best practice considered to gain more answerbacks from the audience. Besides, the sender can take help of multimedia by attaching them with the message.

What Strategy Should We Use for E-mail Marketing?

Build a Relevant Mailing / Subscribers’ List

A mailing list contains a variety of email address along with additional information. This information may include city, phone number and name. In that case, the prime goal would be the e-mail address and the secondary would be the name, not the entire information. Similarly, keep the list shorter, personalised as possible by figuring out the most relevant, potential prospects.

Mind the Time

Promotional mails are the great start off for businesses, but they still need to pay attention to the timings. For instance, one should avoid sending out mails at late nights. Why? Because people generally tend to sleep at that time. Therefore, dispatch them in the morning; preferably 8 – 9 am.

Keep Short and To-the-Point Subject Lines

The subject line is the crucial part, it is the very first thing most people read. Avoid writing lengthy subjects line, because no one has that much time and keep it in between 5 – 7 words for the optimal approach.

The term ‘Email Marketing’ has been around the Internet thoroughly. While other trends keep going off but this one remains the most robust medium vitally available to digital marketers. With a number of digital marketing solutions under their belt, Adzentrix is one of the renowned email marketing training institutes in Delhi. So if you are someone who is aspiring to embark upon his / her company or aiming to land an elite job, you may reach us. We offer career-oriented training programmes with the finest faculties.