What are Keywords and Why are They Important for SEO?

What is Keywords

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are words, phrases or sets of words that are used by internet users to search something on the search engine platforms like Google and Yahoo. When those words or phrases are relevant to your website, Google shows that content to the user and make them reach on your website. To get visible on the search engines, online businesses use such keywords in their content. For example, if you sell clothes online that too men wear specifically then, you need to have the words “Men’s wear online” on your website so that it is visible to the viewers when they search for it. 

SEO Keywords

SEO Keywords are used in website content and during the procedure of on-page and off-page SEO to attract a large audience on the website. This is used to generate organic traffic. Keywords are very important while performing SEO of a website and without working on this you can’t be on the first page or top rankings of the Search Engine. 

Importance of Keywords

For businesses, keywords are the utmost importance because it is a thing that will make them visible in the search engine’s result. You can say, keywords are the medium of communication with search engines for the related topics. If you use quality content with relevant keywords placed correctly, then your content will appear in the search engine’s result. It is used to provide the right and relevant details to the users on the search engine. Keywords are the foundation of all digital marketing practices. 

How to find keywords that can show your company on Search Engine’s results

Here are a few tools that can help you in finding keywords:

Google Keyword Planner

It helps users to find relevant keywords for a particular topic However it is not that effective as long-tail keywords can’t be depicted by it. 

Google Auto Suggest

Once, you have broad keywords for your topics, you can use Google Auto to look for detailed questions. This tool will suggest related searches.

Moz keyword suggest

It is one of the effective keyword planner tool available online. You can use this tool to find relevant keywords related to your topic. It is easy to use the tool.


This online tool to find keywords is used by many online users. It tells you keywords for which your website is ranking on the top. Also, it allows spying on your competitors. 

Other keywords tools include Ahrefs, LongTailPro, etc. that can help you to use targeted keywords in your website content. 

How to use Keywords?

Once you have a list of appropriate keywords that you are going to use in your content, start incorporating them. You need to create quality content like content for a landing page (website content), blogs and articles related to them. Well, it’s not that much easy as it looks. You need to take care of keyword density as well. While you create content for your website, you also have to consider a general percentage of keyword density. Keyword targeting is significant for your website, but you have to avoid keyword stuffing. The overuse of keywords is also harmful; for your website. There’s a lot to tell you about Keywords as it is a big topic. You can join an SEO Course in Delhi for deep detail about it. This institute based in Rohini offers digital marketing courses for career seekers, job seekers, students, and business persons.

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