What is Google Analytics & Importance of GA?

What is Google Analytics & Importance of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free of cost web analytics facility which offers basic analytics and statistics for SEO and marketing grounds. It helps the user in analysing the website traffic. Today, it is one of the most popular digital software which analyses rigorous details regarding the visitors coming to your page. It offers some valuable insights helping you to modify the success strategies of your business.

The website is your first impression and hence it is important to understand the structure of your website to fulfil the purposes. With Google analytics, you would be able to study the behaviour of your visitors – when a visitor comes, which links do they click, and how long they stay on the page.

Why is Google Analytics an Important Tool?

Though nothing is free in this world it is not in the case of Google Analytics. It won’t charge you even a penny but would provide you with numerous features like numbers, statistics to generate business profits and maximize the performance of your company.

  1. Collects data automatically: One feature of Google Analytics helps in minimizing the work of converting the data into Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and sites. Instead, it makes reports by collecting data automatically from your website. The reports can be accessed once the converting process is done and saved.
  2. Helps in creating customization reports: Google offers multiple templates and choices for supporting your report creation or you may try building your own customization report by dragging and dropping the interface.

Ways to Create the Report:

  • Sign-in into the www.analytics.google.com window and go to your view.
  • Click on custom reports in the customization menu.
  • Hit the “+” button for the new generation. Enter your title.
  • Fill in the blocks with the required information and save it.
  1. Integrates with other tools and platforms: The integration feature presents a clear UI that works well on your smartphone, PC, and tablet. To align two tools and help them work together, you can link AdWords with the analytics. Analytics is easily accessed on all devices and data can be implemented when we integrate products like Search Console and Google Adwords.
  2. Access in measuring internal page search: The internal site feature allows you in revealing what the visitors are looking for when they reach your page. Moreover, it also reveals the growth opportunities that your page might be lacking as you can track the searches on your site by having better insights into activities done by customers.
  3. Understanding the age, gender, and interest of your visitor: Google Analytics allows you to uncover the valuable data for determining where most traffic drives from. You will get to know the age, gender, location, device, and interests of the people reaching your page.
  • Age: The age-group is a defining factor to which people your page is targeting the most. Further, you can go for optimizing the website so that more and more people reach the site.
  • Gender: The gender of the person is another important key phrase that helps in communicating, engaging, and understanding that to whom the page relates the most. This will help in modifications of the website so that traffic is generated from both the genders.
  • Interests: Clicks and the time spent by each user ultimately define the interest of your customer. An average is calculated as per the interest categories and optimization is done accordingly.

You can also get to know the device used by the customer and their physical location. These factors will ensure your market position online which will help you in formulating marketing and promotional strategies.

It must be clear now why 50 million websites use Google Analytics today. You should set it right now to get the behavioural and acquisition data before and when a user comes to your website. Let’s accept it; we can’t learn the entire marketing strategies on our own. Learning digital marketing course at Adzentrix is the panacea to all ills where the no.1 trainers will train you in generating more leads so that you can boost your career/business on the right path.

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