Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing 2021

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Are you here for earning?

And want to earn a good amount by working at home?

Wait wait wait, this is not an MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) scheme, I am going to talking about Affiliate Marketing, a fine and legal way to earn money from home.

Are you excited? Let’s start

But a very first question arises is,

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Is there any team-building process or it is a networking process, the answer is NO.

Affiliate Marketing is the process by which you can earn a commission for marketing or promoting any other’s company’s products.

 “Affiliate Marketing is all about finding a product that you like and promote it to your social media channels, blog or website and get a of commission on sale.”

Here’s How To Start Affiliate Marketing:

1. Create a Website, Blog, Youtube Channel or any Social Media Platform.

2. Choose the industry that you are interested in and then make that your niche.

3. Research a product of your interest or in your niche that you can review on platform.

4. Sign up for the good Affiliate Marketing program that provides a good and secure return.

5. Also search out for other related products to your niche that you can promote  and review.

6. Create content. Your content must be in the form of Tutorial, Review any Product or it will usefull to your audience.

7. Optimize your Channel and track your ranking.

How To Earn Money Using Affiliate Marketing?

See, Affiliate Marketing is kind of passive income source and it is highly competitive, but still it is easy to make money with affiliate marketing. To get a good amount you need to learn what works and what doesn’t while marketing your product.

 Here are some tips that how you can earn money using affiliate marketing:-

1. Be Patient

As we know that affiliate marketing is a growing industry. Almost all big companies are having an affiliate program. So you need to be patient. You can feed your website or any of your social media channel with good and qualified content to get high ranking positions and raise awareness, all this is little time consuming along with time consuming, it a long term living process. If you are patient enough you will make handsome amount of money with affiliate programs.

 2. Choose More Attractive Products

 Don’t register to promote every product, it would be a big mistake to promote everything by registering many different affiliate  programs. You have to focus on single affiliate at ones deeply. If you register for everything then the result would be disappointment. Instead of promoting everything , just promote a few products which are different from other products, highly needed and profitable. So all you need to understand is market need and desire and place your products accordingly to make money through affiliate program.

3. Use Several Traffic Sources

Use different medium to bring more traffic at your affiliate link. The chance of making money online raises together with the more traffic you send to your sales page. You can also take a help of ads, it is not false to run ads on your own site. The best you can use is google ads and facebook ads. By making an ad in your adward account and in your ad manager account, your sales page gets targeted traffic from various channels.

4. Research Product Demand

Research the demand of product that you are going to promote at the beginning. If you have a reasonable traffic, view your analytics daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly traffic and sales in order to track the costumer’s behavior.

5. Attract Targeted Traffic

The elemental function of making money is to make people to click your affiliate link. You need to attract your audience through paid ads, article marketing, blogging, email marketing, social media, youtube, vlog etc.

While placing link on social media you need to require an attractive content to publish along with your affiliate like, you have to mention all the benefits of the product that you are going to promote through your post. You can also present it through a graphic post and mention call to action button.

For article marketing or blogging you need to have a high ranking in search engine results to be acceptable source. There are many free blogging website where you can make your blogs and publish your affiliate link Blogger.com, Ezine Article.

So make blogs and publish your affiliate link there.

6. Test, Measure and Track

Testing an action will help you to explore what is working or what is not working. If know your tracking results, you can easily make changes.For example, any of your ad isn’t work or not gaining much, you can easily place that by any other ad or you can change your  strategies easily.

How To Identify Best Products To Sell Through Affiliate Marketing.

The production selection is often the main area of getting success into the affiliate marketing. Mostly people do understand the product and start promoting it and the result they get is no sale or less sales. So the product selection is very much important for you, Here are some points that how you can identify the best product to sell through affiliate marketing:-

1. Choose Your Niche Before You Make Your Affiliate Product Selection.

A common strategy for affiliate marketers is to make an affiliate product selection first, and then reach to your niche. Instead you can also go for the niche first then to the product selection. A good niche will directly bring you the good affiliate product selection. A good niche will have a various products you can choose to promote. Sometimes an affiliate campaign fails without reason. If you choose a profitable niche, you are able to promote the product in a very good way because here you have a very good knowledge about your product. For example- Technical guruji he have a good knowledge of mobile phones, so he promotes mobile phones.

2. Make Full Use Of  The Product That You Are Going To Promote.

You can suggest more confidently that product that you are using.  Many digital marketers do not have any personal affection for the market they are selling in. For good sales, you have to understand the market and product both and the best to understand is to market research and test the product or service for yourself. There are many things you can discover from using the product. Before making your product affiliate product selection, become buyers of that product first and try to visualize you have a similar amount of faithfulness, affection, eagerness, and interest as your buyer does.

What Are The Top Affiliate Marketing Websites?

There are number of affiliate website on internet. Selection of the best one is really very much difficult. But don’t worry, here I bring some best of the affiliate marketing websites which you can use to earn a handsome income online.

1. Shareasale

If you are looking for the largest affiliate marketing network which is authentic at the same time then Shareasale is one of the the best take for you. It is add-up among the largest affiliate networks available on the internet.

Shareasale have more than 17 years of business. Around 4000 merchants are listed on the Shareasale. I can assure you the you will get the good product to promote.

You can get both digital and standard payment option here and you can take your commission at 20th of every month if the balance is more than $50. There is almost no disadvantage of this platform so it is definitely one of the best takes for you.

2. Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify is well reputed platform which is being used by many bloggers as well as online retailers since along period of time. If you are a blogger then you must be conscious of this platform. Shopify is a great plateform for selling your products and it can be outstandingly use for affiliate marketing as well.

The payout on Shopify is amazing when compared to other affiliate competitors which are a cheer up with it.

3. Amazon Associates

When you see the reputation and reliability you will see that Amazon will always the winner of the race. It is the humongous online marketplace where you can get everything. Amazon has everything available for everyone and this is the reason it is a great option fir affiliate marketing.

You can get 10% commission on sale from your sale hence it is a great place for bloggers, if you are a blogger then you can earn a good commission from Amazon Associate. Amazon, almost have all the products that you can think, so you have a number of option to select for promotion.

4. eBay Partners

eBay is of the greatest marketplace and a great affiliate marketing platform for bloggers. It is one of the best affiliate marketing website that is well grounded at the same time.

Select the product from the list that you want to promote and get good commission for you promotion. The quality of the products on ebay is one of the best advantage of it.

5. Clickbank

Clickbank is similar to Shareasale that has a good marketplace. There are also number of merchants available on Clickbank or you get a amount of option to choose for your promotion.

Just like the interested in doing affiliate marketing. Amazon, this is another platform which have everything that you think. This is one of the best affiliate marketing website which provides amazing opportunity to those who are interested in doing affiliate marketing.

6. Affiliate Window (AWIN)

Affiliate window is another large platform that belongs to Germany. This affiliate marketing website can fulfill your goals. AWIN contains 13000 active advertisers and 100000 publishers. AWIN is mostly used by European merchants and is widely spread in more than 10 countries. It established in 2000 since established AWIN earned a good reputation among the users.

AWIN have a simple userface, which is the major reason of its popularity.

7. Viglink

Viglink is an affiliate marketing website that offers a stupendous payout and provides a great opportunity to those who do blogging, vlogging, or content creating to earn a good amount of commission through their promotion.

Viglink is specially designed for those who are doing blogging. Viglink is having a simple dashboard, it is easy to use a website and one can work on it.

How To Earn Through Affiliate Marketing Using  Youtube?

You can also do affiliate marketing by using YouTube and make money.

How ?

Keep patience, I am telling

Let see first,

What Is YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

It is a process of making money by making videos that bring viewers to purchase recommended products by your affiliate link that you mentioned either into the video  (by annotation) or into the description of your video.

There are many ways to promote products and earn good commission, if you are a youtuber and you want to earn money by doing affiliate marketing on youtube. Now, it is very much easy to do so,

You have to include your affiliate link into the description of your video in which you review the product, if your viewer like that product and  want to buy the product that you are reviewing. Interested customer will click on a link and redirect to the product and after the sale you will get percentage of the profit.

Some steps to guide to become a good youtube affiliate marketer:

1. Pick a particular niche for your Youtube Channel.

2. Choose a Affiliate Program you are interested in.

3. Set up a youtube channel.

4. Make some quality videos for your youtube channel and add your affiliate like into the description of your video.

5. Tell your audience to go through the affiliate link in your video, so that they come to know that you provide a link in the video.

6. Make a sale, collect your affiliate commission that’s it

7. Repeat the same process again in the next video.

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