Ultimate Guide to Memes Marketing

What are Memes?

In today’s world undoubtedly marketing online is the best way of marketing. Online ads play an important role in the marketing process. But if used cleverly you can make the most out of it. Marketers use multiple ways to attract customers one of the trendings is YouTube ads. Sometimes people don’t want to see ads in between the videos as it spoils their viewing experience. Most people find it a little annoying. When someone is searching for anything important or playing a music video, then a pop-up advertisement of any products can irritate customers and even push them away further.

We must understand users come to internet either to find some information or for entertainment. Thus memes are the best way to serve the purpose. Memes gives direct message and have a long lasting impact on readers mind.

This opens up a unique way of marketing which is meme marketing. It provides a trendy of marketing your product with a sense of humor, which makes people laugh as well as market a product.

There is no other way of marketing where you can impact a customer more positively than meme marketing.These are very trendy and they get viral instantly too. They can make jokes on JCB, CID, movie stills, cats, etc., and make them relate to a product.

Why Memes are Best to use in Digital Marketing?

Any business will try to change accordingly to their environment and they actively try to capitalize on ongoing trends in the market. Big corporate giants like Netflix, Zomato, Swiggy, and Flipkart use these types of techniques. They find this method very efficient for connecting to the youth. Recently Zomato used the meme of their biker, who went viral for his cheerful smile and their marketing campaign using memes was really successful.

The companies also sometimes use memes to target their rival product and roast rival companies. The sense of humor used in memes is light and they might convey to the consumers the superiority of one product over the other.

Brands & company owners find this mode of marketing cheaper than the rest of the methods. If any business market its product or services via memes it will surely have a wider reach in audience. An excellent meme can go viral automatically means people will keep on sharing it. If a meme is worth sharing you don’t have to push it; people will anyway share it among various social platforms. The best thing about meme marketing you can convey humor, irony, social cause. The general public connects it will automatically go viral on the digital platforms.

Career Advancement in Digital Marketing

Before 2015 people rarely create memes but now companies are using their designers or hiring Members to increase their presence. It can make a meme marketer earn Rs.2,000 to 50,000 on one meme. The money factor depends upon the reach of the meme page. The meme pages on Instagram and Facebook are on almost everyone’s following list.

The best market of memes is perhaps Instagram. It is very highly unlikely that an Instagram user is not following at least one meme page. All the meme pages use the same strategy for revenue generation.

The usage of memes by big corporates are also very common and hence create an employment opportunity for meme makers.These big corporations also pays accordingly for meme marketing and openthe window of revenue generation for meme pages.

Now there are few apps too like “meme chat” that actually pay people for making memes. Memes have become an important part of regular chat too, via GIFs. Many students and learning meme marketing from the best digital marketing institute in Delhi like Adzentrix. Trainees get knowledge about the latest digital marketing concepts like SEO Course in Delhi.

Meme Marketing as a Growth hack

Memes are a growing industry and forms a good portion of digital marketing tools.All the good business owners knows that to achieve success in market they must, make their product or service a part of consumer’s daily life.

As more and more people have made social media a part of their lives, memes are one of those things that makes people laugh and smile in daily life. Hence the positive experience creates a positive impact which is associated with a certain product and in turn raises the demand of that product. This is the reason this marketing strategy is considered to be one of best on Digital platform.

MemeMarketing is also strategic and sometimes these meme pages with wide reach, decide what will go viral on social media. They can make a silly joke of JCB or even a name like “Binod” go viral to such an extend that it becomes a nationwide phenomenon. This power can be channelized in a manner that will benefit a certain company or its product like nothing else.


The main reason for memes to stand out in the area of digital marketing is the fact that people connect it them on a more personal level. The instant humor and the sarcasm used in memes is often so relatable to most of the people that they find a personal connection to it.

They are also so generic that a person cannot obtain the copyright of the same. They are also not associated with any specific brand and people can create the memes of their own without any restriction.


One can conclude that, while marketing products online, meme marketing is must. This provides a positive approach to people, by making them laugh and they connect to products more effectively.

It is correctly concluded that the goal of marketing which is to connect the people with products, is achieved by memes like no other digital tool because of its relatability.

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