Top 10 Instagram Marketing Hacks

Instagram is the top social media platform for sharing photos, creation, and content. Approximately 1.6 billion daily “likes,” 800 million people are active on Instagram, and near about 60 million photos are posted every day on Instagram.

Small and established businesses, like cage and restaurants, salons, boutiques, companies rely on Instagram to succeed. They seek users who can share, like, and comment on their posts. And this process helps to gain more customers and buyers.

However, it isn’t easy to know which kinds of posts work best for increasing your customers.

So there is a list of the top 10 Instagram marketing hacks that you can use to make your business popular.

1. Power of Instagram hashtag

Instagram is a platform where you can be leveraged over other platforms. It is the best place to gain and engage audiences through hashtags.

If you have a startup or small business, you can gain popularity through hashtag campaigns. For instance, you can use a trendy hashtag on your post and feeds.

Remember, content works when it is combined with powerful hashtags. No content is complete without hashtags. You must engage the target audience through your Instagram power.

Don’t forget that Instagram is a most fantastic app. It is not strict as Twitter with its character limits, you can caption a photo as long as you want, yet that doesn’t mean that you will write a novel.

2. Instagram DM (Direct Messaging)

If you have a company or business page on Instagram, then you need to set up automated funnels. It will help you in replying automatically to DMs.

Also, you can set up a personalized greeting on Instagram DMs. Even you can make people know about the transparency of your company through Instagram DMs.

People do appreciate these efforts by businesses or companies. This option will also help you to find out how you can help customers and what your clients are looking for.

3. Go for Comment Auto-Responders

Your followers and customer need attention, and they love individual pampering. You can pamper your customers by contacting them directly through the comments section. To make them feel really valuable you need to use comment auto-responder. This hack can work as the best marketing tool for Instagram.

4. Keyword Triggers

One of the best Instagram hacks is the use of keyword triggers.

If the users type a specific term, you can place automation that will assign anyone who considers this keyword to an asset you would like to confer them. This will work as a Facebook messenger template.

And it is the best way to boost your business online.

5. Teaser before product launches

It’s not a great idea to sell a product directly on Instagram. You need to sell it before launching; more post-launching sales are equal to more interested buyers.

As you know, Instagram is the best place to sell or advertise your business, products, or services. You can create excitement by releasing the teaser of your new product.

6. Instagram stories

Instagram stories are the most viewed and used feature. Instagram stories can help you in generating more users. It is easy to consider because they are shown in the format of the slideshow. You can create and upload videos, polling, yes or no, photos, and other content on Instagram stories.

7. Influencer for high reach

The easiest way to reach vast loyal and potential clients on Instagram is to collab with an influencer. 

A top Instagram influencer can help you to generate high product sales. People trust influencers, so they follow their style, brands they are using, their products, and much more.

8. Schedule post timings

It’s an oldie but a goldie tip. Yes, you need to select peak timing for posting content, videos, and photos. You need to find the ideal timing to post on Instagram. So be available at schedule timing and hit the post or send button.

9. Interaction with the target audience

This is the most popular Instagram marketing strategy. For a significant interaction with your followers, fam, friends, and others, you can let them know about your business.

For instance, you can post Behind the scene photos or videos, contests, takeovers, tutorials, etc.

10. Be a Good Listener

A suitable marketing procedure is a two-way conversation. Without follower’s views, you can’t hit the mark only by posts.

It’s important to understand your followers by:

  • Understanding followers by interacting
  • Tailor content
  • Let users express their opinion
  • Go for trends

Are you ready to boost your business?

Instagram is a dominant social media tool used by users over the globe. It is the most reliable place to advertise or sell your brand, business, product, or services.

These ten Instagram marketing hacks will surely increase your follower engagement rate and growth. Get ready to put your hands over your smartphone and start boosting your business on Instagram.

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