What is the Job Scope in Search Engine Optimization​

job demand in seo

If you are interested in SEO learning but confused about your future career growth, then this is the right place to clear all such confusion. First of all, you should have a clear idea about SEO that is a short form for Search Engine Optimization ad is a major part of digital marketing skills. It helps to rank your website on the top page in the search engine, build the trust on customers, drive quality traffic and improve your brand visibility in the online world.

So, what are the qualification requirements to become an SEO? Well, the minimum qualification required by any company is graduation or a diploma in digital marketing. If you do digital marketing course, then you SEO will be the part of your course. An SEO requires a lot of skills and also need to update himself by the latest Google’s Algorithm and other criteria’s. Other than this he also needs:

Let’s have a glimpse at these reasons:

  1. Good knowledge of working of Google
  2. Excellent writing skills (such as email writing, blog writing comments and testimonials writing)
  3. Basic knowledge on the photo and video editing along with the creation of presentations and reports
  4. Able to understand basic behavior in the online world
  5. Good knowledge of different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

These are the basic requirements for the fresher SEO after which he can enter into the world of digital marketing. SEO is a good career to choose and there is a large scope in this field as online businesses are increasing day by day and hence the demand for an SEO. If you work as a fresher in this field, then you can earn 10-15K. After having knowledge and experience in the same work you can reach 25K as an SEO Executive and Link builder. Apart from this, there are many job profiles in the same field depends on the experience, such as SEO Analyst, Expert, Team Leader, Consultant, Manager and director who can earn between 50K-2 Lac per month.

If you talk about the current situation in India for an SEO job scope, then the future is bright. Digital marketing is expanding on a large scale and hence the scope for the job in this field is never going to be low. More and more enterprises are now realizing the importance of SEO in their business and they are hiring SEO for their business growth. If you have made your decision to become an SEO expert, then you can get SEO training from a good institute like Adzentrix in Delhi. No doubt, the institute is new but the experts and staff they are having to teach students are highly qualified and experienced.

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