How to Earn Money From YouTube?

Everyone wants to earn money from an online source. Especially from Youtube, which is the second-largest search engine after Google. To earn money from YouTube you are required to create a channel. There are some pre-requisite to start earning from your YouTube channel. Of course, your content must be original to qualify for getting pay-cheques from Google. Let me take you through all the important points step-by-step. Youtube Marketing Course must be pursued because it is one of the best available ways to promote business & branding of products/services.

Eligibility for YouTube monetization:

  1. Your channel must have at least 1000 subscribers.
  2. Your accumulative or total video watch hours must be 4000 hours or more.

How To Get 1000 Subscribers on YouTube

Here we are going  to find out a possible way to get 1000 subscriber fast on YouTube,

1. Add Watermark To Your Video.

This is one of the most used hacks, that you can also use in your video. YouTube gives you an option to add a watermark that could be shown to all your videos and at all times. This shows another way for your viewer to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

2. Add An Attractive Thumbnail

This is another way that many YouTubers do to attract their viewers. Create an attractive thumbnail for every video instead of making randomly generated photo for your thumbnail.

Use annotation and quality images for a good thumbnail for your YouTube video, it will increase your channel’s CTR. A custom video thumbnail with small annotations will tell your audience, what your video is about. An attractive thumbnail help you to attract new viewers o your channel, you miss new viewers if you will not make eye-catchy thumbnail

3. Add your channel URL With Subscription String

This is another way to get subscribers soon, this will increase your subscribers exponentially, people who click on your  channel link will directly redirect to your channel or to your videos, you will add your channel link with “?sub_confirmation=1”

The magic of doing this is, when the viewer clicks on your link with SML magic string(?sub_confirmation=1), the pop-up comes in front of them to subscribe quickly.

4. Stay Consistent

You may know That consistency in every field is very much important that leads to success, similarly if you want 1000 subscribers fast you have to be consistent. You have to make your subscriber familiar with your content for this benefit you have to publish your video content constantly.

You should list a content schedule where it is clearly visible to your profile. If your viewers will out for your channel, there will be a good chance to come back to your channel. So be consistent with your content.

5. Promote Your Channel to other Social Media Channels.

Finally don’t forget to promote your YouTube to other social media channels. Most people who are on social media have many different accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc some famous social media account.

There is a good chance to get a good amount of subscribers from these social media channels. Share your videos on these social media channels with your YouTube channel’s link. Publish 2 minute part of your video on these channels and give them a link to see the full video go to my YouTube channel. People will your video here and to get the full video they will redirect to your channel through your link.

How To Promote Your YouTube Channel To Maximize Views?

As you may know that YouTube is the second most visited website in the world with more than 1.9 billion active monthly users.

How do you make this platform grow faster for you, the answer is here,

Here are some of most favorite tactics to make maximize views on YouTube;

1. Choose keywords that are friendly with Google

SEO is very much important for your YouTube channel, every outstanding channel starts with outstanding SEO. People don’t only look for videos on YouTube, they also use Google. YouTube was the second popular search term in 2018. Now Google sequences videos over other content for many searches.

Here are some tactics to find Google-friendly keywords;

a. Find out a possible keywords tool

b. Check out your Search Engine Result Page(SERP) for every keyword.

c. Find out those Keywords that monetize video and suit your content.

2. Offer a real value

This point should be the most precious point to engage more viewers to your channel, you can very clearly when you put on yourself, ask yourself, that what kind of content you like t watch on YouTube, and you will find the answer, similarly your audience is not different from you. They also want quality content, by which they can relate their life.

So your content should be real that will provide some value to your audience. Before publishing any video ask yourself what problem is going to solve through your video, is it entertaining or not, will it proving any value to the viewer or not.

3. Publish good quality Video.

Viewers mostly like to watch a video that contains good quality. Poor video quality can degrade good content. So ensure that your video contains good quality. Good quality video content looks professional and it is highly engaging. Your decent camera for your video and voice quality should be good also learn some editing skills to edit your video.

4. Interact With Your Fans

If you want to be a successful YouTuber then behave like a successful YouTuber. Every successful YouTuber mostly interact with their fans and monitor them.

Try more to respond to your viewers, read their comments and try to answer their questions. Ask your viewer what problem they are facing and come back with the solution to their problems. Use analytics to identify, who are your top fans and show them provide them some extra value.

5. Try to conduct Q&A in a week.

Q&A is the most effective way to grow and to build a community on YouTube. Ask for queries to your subscribers in the comment section or through email. Then create a video to address all the queries for your subscribers, this step will provide more value to your subscribers and they trust you more.

Some more points to maximize your views like

a). You can run contests for your viewers

 b). Be active in the community

 c). Work with brands

d). Follow the community guidelines

How To Get 4000 Watch hours for YouTube Channel?

Now a days YouTube make this mandatory that you can only earn from YouTube AdSense when you contribute 4000 watch hour.

Do you know 4000  watch hour means 2,40,000 minutes, it is not easy to upload 2,40,000 videos and if each video get one view then only on can reach there, except of this a possible way that also make sense id to upload 240 video and each of them contain 10 minutes, if you get 10 views per videos you can possibly reach to this.

There some easy steps to get 4000 watch hours soon;

1.  People are on YouTube to get their answer of different questions. What you have to do is, provide them a relevant answer through your video. Learn as much as you can related to your niche. You have to do a wide research while making YouTube channel related to your niche. Second thing is to do you have to optimize your channel that what your audience really want or you are reaching to your audience or not.

2. Find a relevant keywords for your content, this is the only task that gives you high number of organic views you have to research for relevant keyword, keyword should not be too much broad or not too much low. Use Google Keyword Planner tool to research keywords.

3. Share your videos on multiple social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.

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