How Much Does Digital Marketing Course Cost?

Digital Marketing Fees

Are you interested to learn Digital Marketing Course in Delhi or any other city and want to know the fee structure? Well, you are at the right platform to acquire the right details for the same. Digital Marketing is the most popular way of marketing your business in today’s time. It doesn’t matter whether you own a small company or a developed-one, if you are a digital marketer then you will surely benefit. Today, digital marketing is a good career option and to become a successful Digital Marketer Expert, you need to learn the techniques from the good institute. Each organization charges a different amount for their course and the reasons are many for the variations in the fee.

Let’s have a glimpse at these reasons:

    • Online program: The fee for any eLearning program is always lower than offline program and this is because there are no classrooms, mentors, air-conditioners or anything. You just need to sign up, pay an online fee, read every single chapter and then practicing the same. The minimum fee for the Digital Marketing course is Rs. 10,000 in India and maximum Rs. 45,000. However, many institutes charge between 30-35k.

Want to know how this much difference is created in the fee structure? Well, many reasons affect the fee structure in an offline program. Let’s deep dive into the details.

    • Offline program: Different institutes charge different fee for the same Digital Marketing course. There are many reasons for this:

Different institutes chargea Different fee for the same Digital Marketing course. There are many reasons for this

    • Location & Brand: The location from where you learn Digital Marketing course matters a lot. A well-developed area charges more fee however; low-developed area will take less few for the same course. Also, the brand name matters a lot. A Well-known organization will take 50-70K in metro cities. On the other hand, cities like Indore, Kanpur, Pune and other charge 40-50K.
    • Standard: The standard of the course makes a huge difference between the fee of two institutes. The latest technology used in an institute increases the amount of the fee. Also, study material and other resources create a difference.
    • Experience: More the experienced person will teach you, more will be the fee. The Digital Marketer expert will teach you all the advanced techniques and introduce you to every single topic.
    • Placement guarantee: Some Institutes promises for the job placement of the students and hence, they charge high fee. Position and salary package of the students also matters.

So, these were few top reasons for the variation in fee structure. I hope, now you are having a clear idea of the Digital Marketing Course fee. Choose the institute costing you between 30-35K as this is an average fee for the course.

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